400 club

Congratulations to AWFs Dave Milne on reaching a total of 400 club goals in all competitions.

In an interview with the club’s publicity officer, Darin Bell, Dave (with tear filled eyes) said “I’d like to thank all the guys at the club, particularly the ones who can’t defend for toffee. I’d also like to thank anyone who’s had to listen to me going on about my goal record in the pubs. You’re all fantastic, happy new year”.

Dave would also like to let the national team selection board know  that he’s available.


Dave Milne at Gayfield



Presentation Night

AWF had their trophy presentation night on Saturday 15th December in the Tutties Neuk.
A great night was had by all. Many thanks to our event organiser, Sye Webster.
The winners of the Match Ball hosptality at Gayfield for the game against Stenhousemuir in March are as follows:
Steve Cargill
Alan Durno
Dave Whitton
Mike Burnett

Now, onto the trophy winners.

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Neighbourhood Friendly

On a cold night in Montrose, the Arbroath Walking Fitba team played a friendly with their Montrose counterparts.
The two sides were fairly evenly matched. Although Arbroath were infinitely more clinical in front of goal.
Dave Milne scored an impressive 8 goals and was lethal in front of goal when presented with the opportunities given to him by his teammates.
Special mention must go to the other members of the Arbroath squad who played their part in what was an impressive victory over a relatively physical Montrose side.
It must be said though that Arbroath had the miss of the night by Kevin Craib. kevin endeavoured to miss when he was in front of the Montrose keeper all on his lonesome, blasting the ball over from all of a yard and a half. He blamed his change of footwear but we all knew better!
Not sure of the final score, one of the lads had it as 17-8 to the Arbroath lads.

Match report by Mike Burnett.

pssst! wanna buy some gear?

Thanks to our very own Ray Parker and Pendle Sportswear, the club now have a wee shop to sell our own branded gear. Fancy a club polo shirt? or maybe a baseball cap to hide your bald heid?

Have a look around the online shop by clicking on the link below and let us know what you think.

Club Shop


Club rain top

Tesco blue token

If you happen to be shopping at Tesco in Arbroath any time soon, please be aware that Arbroath are part of this month’s Tesco blue token scheme.

The scheme runs until the 31st December, so you’ll have plenty time to put your tokens in our box as you leave the store. In fact! You can do it more than once.

Thanks to Ray Parker for his perseverance.