All the latest scoops

Thanks to all the teams who took part in our quiz last night. It was a very enjoyable evening hosted by our very own Sye Webster. The worthy winners of a very good quiz were The Stooges, Congratulations guys, you done well under the circumstances. We would all like to thank you for donating the drink money back to the club, cheers guys, great gesture.

In other news – The Scottish East Region Walking Football Group are looking into starting up a league, this will be run using the rules recommended by Walking Football Scotland (three touches etc). They are proposing that games be played in Dundee on a Sunday morning. It’s all at the planning phase at the moment, but you will be kept up to date with any further developments.

Walking Football Scotland are also planning to run SFA walking football referee courses, if anyone is interested in attending, give me a shout.

There is a friendly match (or matches) being organised against our friends at Montrose Walking football. We hope to send a couple of teams up on a Wednesday evening. Again, more news as soon as it becomes available.

Due to the age differences at the club, we are planning separate trophies for the lads who are over 60. Top goal scorer and the players player of the season will be up for grabs.

If you’re reading this as a non-member (male or female) and might be interested in playing, get in touch by commenting or using the contact form on the website. Even if you’re outside of Arbroath, we will put you in touch with a club close to you.

Quiz night

After the success of the last Arbroath Walking Football quiz night, we have decided to have another one.
Again, It’s to raise much needed funds for the club.
The quiz will once again be compiled and hosted by the inimitable Sye Webster (36-0).
If you’ve never seen Sye compère anything, get yer arse along to the quiz, you won’t be disappointed.
To those of you who attended the last quiz night, get yer arse back, you won’t want to miss this one..

The venue = The Portcullis.
The date = Saturday the 7th of April 2018
The time = 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
The cost = £10 per 4 person team
(we are flexible on team numbers)

Good game, good game

Good turn out again Wednesday, we had three teams and two refs, thanks again to the guys who are injured but still turn up to help out.
After last Wednesday’s showing of Mike Burnett’s match videos, all the players were putting in the extra effort to refrain from running. The matches weren’t as high tempo as they have been recently, this made for more evenly contested matches and fewer rash challenges, well done to everyone.
Once again, the team selectors done a grand job, all teams were evenly matched. In fact, we even had a 0-0 game, the biggest margin was a 2 goal win.
Special mentions for George muir and big willy Craib, George for his link up play and holding the ball up, and Big Willy for bagging 5 goals.

In other News, the TRA charity cup finals will be held in or around London on August 12th 2018.
For the guys who are going to Spain, there will be an update on Wednesday.

Last, but not least … congratulations to Dave Milne for reaching 100 goals, an amazing tally.

Age? It’s just a number

Great turnout on Wednesday evening again (21/02/18).
Many thanks to the injured guys who show up to help out with refereeing, scoring, or just to watch and support, you guys are the best (you know who you are) and we all appreciate it.

Running has been creeping back in to our game, although it’s not a massive issue, It’s still one that needs to be addressed. We have videos to show everyone, we just need a night when can get the majority to turn up.

Let’s all doff our collective bunnets in the direction of George Muir. George is nearing 78 years old and was almost booked for running this week, not only that, he scored a hat trick that any player would have been proud of. Watch the sly auld bugger peeling off from the players chasing the ball.
Personally, anyone running at that age deserves a bloody round of applause, not a booking.

I give you George’s third goal.