Denis Law tournament

On Tuesday 5th June, a crack team of old duffers from AWF are heading up the North East coast to play in the Denis Law Walking Football Tournament at Aberdeen Sports Village.
This will be our first proper tournament and the lads are looking forward to it.
Many thanks to Arbroath fc for the loan of the kits, it’s very much appreciated.
For all the lads who are going, we are meeting in Morrison’s car park at 8.30. The game will be played on a 3g surface, so please bring the appropriate footwear.

Friendly match

On Sunday, a team from Arbroath Walking Football travelled down to play some of the residents at Castle Huntly in a friendly match.
Things weren’t looking good weather wise, but the cloud and rain soon shifted to leave a nice sunny day for the match. This was the first walking football match for the hosts, but it soon emerged that they were no strangers to the game of football and they also had a good home support. The old competitive edge was still there, and few early tackles showed that they meant business. This was no surprise, it’s a hard game to play when you’ve played competitively for years, you still want to get to the ball first, still want to win challenges. Our version of the game relies less on tackling and graft, it’s more about passing and trying to get into spaces without running. Tackles from the back or side are not allowed, it’s hard to get your head round it at first, but it does come after a few games.
Despite playing well, AWF lost the overall result. No excuses, but we were also missing our secret weapon … Dave (the cat) Beattie, it’s always good to have someone who actually likes being in goals.

Well done to all the guys who played and many thanks to Castle Huntly for inviting us.

Team: Dave Milne, John Gowans, John Cruickshanks, Mike Burnett, Dave Scott, Ray Parker and Willie Craib


wet wet wet

Thanks to all who turned up tonight, despite the rain.
It was another one of those ‘game of two halves’ evenings, the team selectors done well, but each team had a one player advantage for each half.
The players have adapted to the three touch rule really well, because of this, there was some great touch and go football being played. Andy Medford gets a special mention for his finishing tonight, some cracking goals.

Some issues with the referee tonight, not that referee was doing anything wrong, just the disagreements with his decisions. Let’s get this sorted before we have to resort to reffing the games ourselves again.

The referee’s decision is final. Absolutely no arguments with this.
If the ref has made his decision, don’t correct him. Not point in having the ref there if you’re going to do that.
If you think the ref has got a rule wrong, discuss it after the game. Do not stand shouting about it on the pitch or touchline.
JUST TAKE A STEP BACK. This is, after all, non competitive football between mates. Get behind the ref. If a decision goes against you, it’s not the end of the world, accept it and have a laugh about it later.
The ref is someone we know, someone who is giving up their free time for beer money to help us out, let’s not forget that.

To all the guys who are playing in the friendly on Sunday, could you all meet at the high school/sport centre car park at 11.45.

A wee bit wet

The great outdoors

That’s the indoor season finished, time for us to go back out into the fresh air.
Great to see that we now have a steady number of players attending every week, we are also fortunate to have a great bunch of lads and a great venue to play at.
The indoor season saw us lose a couple of players to injury. Thankfully, nothing serious, but serious enough to affect their life outside of football. When you’re knocking on a bit and injury starts affecting your work, it’s time to hang the walking football trainers up.
On the plus side, we did gain a referee, although he’s unable to play now, Bob Millar gives up his free time to referee the games for us, it’s appreciated by everyone. Cheers Bob. In fact, Thanks to everyone who turned up to help out when they were injured.
Top scorer for the indoor season Was Dave Milne with an impressive tally of 113 goals; runner up was Jake Ferrier with 52 goals.
A night out for the usual trophy presentation is being planned as I type. Your attendance for this would be greatly appreciated.

There are a couple of things you should note before we move back outdoors.
1. We start at 19.00, be at the guardroom no later 18.40.There is a possibility that you will not get in if you arrive late.
2. We will be playing a 3 touch game.

For those who still think that walking football is a bunch of old duffers shuffling along trying to kick a ball without dying. Have a look at one of our players in a typical pose. (sorry about image quality)

All the latest scoops

Thanks to all the teams who took part in our quiz last night. It was a very enjoyable evening hosted by our very own Sye Webster. The worthy winners of a very good quiz were The Stooges, Congratulations guys, you done well under the circumstances. We would all like to thank you for donating the drink money back to the club, cheers guys, great gesture.

In other news – The Scottish East Region Walking Football Group are looking into starting up a league, this will be run using the rules recommended by Walking Football Scotland (three touches etc). They are proposing that games be played in Dundee on a Sunday morning. It’s all at the planning phase at the moment, but you will be kept up to date with any further developments.

Walking Football Scotland are also planning to run SFA walking football referee courses, if anyone is interested in attending, give me a shout.

There is a friendly match (or matches) being organised against our friends at Montrose Walking football. We hope to send a couple of teams up on a Wednesday evening. Again, more news as soon as it becomes available.

Due to the age differences at the club, we are planning separate trophies for the lads who are over 60. Top goal scorer and the players player of the season will be up for grabs.

If you’re reading this as a non-member (male or female) and might be interested in playing, get in touch by commenting or using the contact form on the website. Even if you’re outside of Arbroath, we will put you in touch with a club close to you.