Meet the team

Mike Muir
Mike is one of the founding members of the club. Mike likes real ale and is a keen philatelist
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Darin Bell
Darin is an ex spiral youth club football player. When he's not singing or playing football, Darin likes to potter about on his allotment.
Alan Harrison
Vice Chairman
Alan Has been playing football since he was a wee lad back in the 50s. Alan likes to unwind by listening to classic Abba tunes whilst supping on his half pint of lager tops
Ray Parker
Club treasurer
Ray is currently Arbroath's most eligible bachelor. When he's not cooking, Ray likes to shake his fist at people who park in front of his drive.
Sye Webster
Event organiser
Sye was once banned from Gayfield for kissing a player and the referee. He's a changed man now, his time is split between walking football and eating kebabs
Mike Burnett
Club Captain
Mike has never missed a game, a true team player. Away from the game, Mike likes to watch countdown and enjoys the occasional pint of vodka and coke.
David Milne
Match Secretary
Dave has been our top scorer since he started playing walking football. Away from work and football, Dave likes to relax by watching football
Jim McNairn
Kit man
Jim Is another founding member. When he's not volleying his specs, he can be found at KFC or Pie Bob's
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