East League

Arbroath Walking Football are making the short journey to Dundee tomorrow to take part in the inaugural games of the East Region Walking Football League.

The games will be played at the GA Arena with 8 teams taking part.

This a is a new and welcome venture and the people responsible for making it happen should take a bow. From  Walking Football Scotland and all the local teams, to the guys who are using their own time to make it all happen, the late nights, the phone calls, the Emails and the frustration, it’s all very much appreciated.

The very best of luck to all the teams taking part tomorrow. Play fair and respect the referees. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


If you are interested in playing walking football in your area. please contact any of the following:
and you will be pointed in the right direction.


AWF ventured back outdoors last night for their Wednesday sessions and had a good turnout of players. Although it became a wee bit nippy when the sun started to set, it was a fine evening.

The players were split into three teams, and once again, the team selectors did a good job as all the games were very closely contested.

a massive thank you to the guys who take their turn to officiate the games, it’s never an easy task, you can’t see everything.

A wee video of a good move that ended up with Darin Bell trying to find the recently photographed black hole with his shot. To be fair to Darin, he did attempt the first time volley and he’s usually a tidy finisher.

WARNING: The video may contain a bad word from our resident Tourette syndrome sufferer.

Some people say the ball is still going up

AWF from jim alexander on Vimeo.

Top Scorers (amended)

A mistake was made with the top scorers for our indoor season.

Top scorer was indeed Davie Milne.

However, the top scorer for the over 60s was Alan Durno. It was an easy mistake to make because  Alan doesn’t look a day over 59.

I’m sure Jake Ferrier won’t mind, he has too many trophies as it is.

Top scorers

After an exciting indoor season, we now know the top scorers.

Top scorer: Dave Milne

Over 60s top scorer: Jake Ferrier


Great effort from both selfish strikers players

All other Player awards will be decided at a later date.

As it stands just now, we are unsure if our move to start playing outdoors is going ahead this Wednesday. We will post this information as soon as we have it.


Thanks to Tesco, Groundwork and our club treasurer Ray Parker, Arbroath Walking Football recently took delivery of a brand new defibrillator (AED ). The cash was raised through Tesco’s ‘bags of help‘ scheme and the persistence of Ray.
We feel that a defibrillator is a must for any walking football club. It’s also very reassuring for the players to know that we will have one at every session.

Ray Parker. Darin Bell. Gogs Smith and the Tesco manager with the defibrillator. Image by Wallace Ferrier