First match indoors for the Arbroath walking football club took place at the high school sport centre tonight. Let me start by saying that anyone who thinks this walking football lark is easy, should come along and try it. I thought it was hard when we played outdoors, but this is bloody hard work, there were a few puffs and pants and many beads of Continue reading


One of the places we are currently looking at with a view to playing regularly (both indoors and outdoors), requires us to have to public liability insurance. An insider has informed us that we shouldn’t have a problem booking on a Wednesday evening, or any other evening for that matter. I have received a few quotes, and they are pretty much the same (circa £50). Continue reading

walkin’ fitba nicht oot

December the 2nd is the date for the Arbroath walking football club Christmas night out. Obviously, this date won’t suit everyone, but we hope that as many of you as possible can come along and enjoy  a good night with good company and great craic. Not forgetting the entertainment, our very own speed walker extraordinaire, Darin (Pepperpot) Bell. Always guaranteed a great night when Pepperpot are playing. Continue reading

It’s cauld ootside

Due to the drop in temperature and a (at times) slippery pitch, we shall be moving indoors this week. Wednesday evening has been cancelled and we are now playing on Friday evening (1800) at the high school sport centre.

At this point, we are not sure if the Friday night will be a regular thing, it’s hoped that we can find a time and day/night to suit the majority. Everyone can have their say on Friday. If you can’t make Friday, you can voice your opinion here by commenting on this post, or by commenting on the post on Facebook.