Every week without fail, someone runs, but, to be fair, there have only been a few occasions where the running was to gain an obvious advantage. Most times, players don’t realise that they are doing it, most will accept and admit if they have had a wee run.
The competitive edge is still there, players trying to get to the ball before their opponent, it’s bound to happen that someone forgets that it is WALKING football we play.
It’s extremely difficult to judge from the side if a player is running or walking fast; for example – ‘One significant difference between running and walking strides is the length of time each foot is in contact with the ground. During walking, at least one of your feet will be in contact with the ground at any given time, and the length of time — during each stride — that each foot contacts the ground is greater. During running, the time each of your feet contacts the ground is minimal, and there is a period of time during each stride in which neither of your feet is in contact with the ground‘.
A couple of our players have it down to a tee, you clearly see that they are walking fast, others have this walk/jog thing going on, but (in my opinion) one of their feet is always on the ground, it’s a hard call. For those of you who have never had a go at reffing a game on a Wednesday night, I would suggest that you give it go, I guarantee that your opinion will change.

4 thoughts on ““REFEREE! HE’S RUNNING”

  1. As referee it’s your opinion that counts – As in all styles, ages and levels. It’s not difficult to make the decisions – but it’s difficult to take the criticism. Step up one and all and try it

  2. I see that the FA in England are currently trying to sort out a set of rules including the “definition” of Walking! Don’t know if the SFA is going to affiliate but it does need sorting! I’ve played in a couple of FA supported tournaments here in England and there was no consistency in the rules!

  3. It’s certainly a worry if you go to tournament and the “rules” are different. Definition is one thing, interpretation is another. Opinion is a whole other ball game 🙂

  4. We’ve been using the laws/rules that are on the walking football united website. I reckon if they stick with those, it’ll be fine. If the FA do step in, I guess we will have to go by what they say, better to have one standard than none at all.

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