First match indoors for the Arbroath walking football club took place at the high school sport centre tonight. Let me start by saying that anyone who thinks this walking football lark is easy, should come along and try it. I thought it was hard when we played outdoors, but this is bloody hard work, there were a few puffs and pants and many beads of sweat were dropped.

The sides were picked using our trusty ‘black and white poker chips in a bag’ method and were quite fair. Dennis (Dinker) Mostyn had a blinder when he was in goals and also grabbed 4 cracking goals for his side when he did venture up the pitch. Sye Webster will go down in history as the first Arbroath walking football player to score indoors.
Special mention for 76 year old George Muir, his passing was great and he was really unlucky to not score again. I’m sure he’ll break his duck soon.

If you’re reading this as a potential walking football player, come along and take part, you’ll find a great bunch of guys. You’ll also find out that it’s not a group of old timers struggling to move, it’s hard work but well worth the effort.

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  1. Hear hear I second that different pace indoors than outdoors espiecially when ball doesn’t go out of play and those awkward angles off the walls catches the defence off guard. Sweated more indoors than outside great workout.

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