One of the places we are currently looking at with a view to playing regularly (both indoors and outdoors), requires us to have to public liability insurance. An insider has informed us that we shouldn’t have a problem booking on a Wednesday evening, or any other evening for that matter. I have received a few quotes, and they are pretty much the same (circa £50). My proposal is to go ahead and get the insurance using the funds that we have. If anyone has any objections, please comment and let us know, this is the clubs money after all. I’ve also discovered that RBS do a community account for non profit clubs, this should make setting up an account much easier, it used to be a nightmare.
I’m currently drafting a club constitution and will add all our committee members.
Currently, we have –

    Mike Muir – Chair
    Ray Parker – Vice chair
    Darin Bell – Treasurer
    Dennis Mostyn – Club secretary
    Sye Webster – Club captain
    Myself – Publicity officer

As per our constitution, all these positions will be up for the vote on a yearly basis and no committee member may hold the same position for more than 3 years.

As always, feel free to comment and add your tuppence worth. Your opinion matters more than you think

5 thoughts on “Insurance

  1. Jim,
    Info you was after is Mac Rae on 01241 ****** during working hours Mon – Fri for availabilty of gym and what times you require.

  2. Yea – the quicker the better – I’m suffering fae withdrawal symptoms already – let’s get back tae Wednesday fitba asap ⚽️👍

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