New winter home.

We have a new home for the winter (or longer if we need). Starting from half seven on Wednesday 7th December, we will be playing at RM Condor. Many thanks to our very own Ray Parker for his behind the scenes work in helping us get the use of the sports hall. It’s a great facility and the hall is a fair size, we have goals and balls. All we need now is enough players to get a mini league on the go.

Obviously, there are restrictions and regulations that we have to adhere to.

  • Due to the admin, it’s important that you are there on time (ten past seven). if you are late, you will not get in, there are no exceptions to this.
  • It is recommended that we car share. If there are too many cars, we will have to walk from the gate to the gym (about 20 mins).
  • Speed limit is 20mph. Please don’t exceed this.
  • Please leave the place as you found it. No litter etc.

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