Goals galore

Great night of football at the Condor on Wednesday 14th. Thanks again to Ray Parker for taking the time to sign us all in and for refereeing.
The goalkeeper’s area was marked out and it made for a much better game, no penalties were given the entire night. All being well, these markings should stay in place.
It’s hard work when there are only two teams playing, plenty of volunteers for goalkeeping duties and the pace dropped off for the final ten minutes.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to let us know that they couldn’t make it, it makes organising the whole thing much easier.

2 thoughts on “Goals galore

  1. Hopefully this will be my last game refereeing and will be able to play next time. Many thanks to players that turned up and a better game of football especially with goal area put down. Great playing by George Muir Man of the Match was so close to beat his duck next time maybe.

  2. Well done for reffing the last 2 weeks Ray, but the next time remember your specs 😁 Hope you’re okay for the away game against Carnoustie next week all able bodies required ⚽️

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