An historical night

Thanks to all who turned up tonight, and a big thanks to those of you who contacted us to say that you wouldn’t be there.
Another good night in our new indoor home, We didn’t have enough players for 3 teams, so it was going to be hard going for all the players as there were no breaks to be had.

Plenty of goals were scored, and George Muir not only scored his first ever walking football goal, he grabbed himself a brace. Another first tonight was Jim Stewart being chipped when he was in goal (work that one out if you can).
Men of the match were – Bob Miller and Davie Milne.

Hope you all have a cracking new year. Don’t overdo it, because we’re back at it next Wednesday (4th Jan)

4 thoughts on “An historical night

  1. Yes great turnout tonight, shame on you Jim you were going to be chipped over the body when lying down on the floor in goal. Duck broken by George Muir finally.

  2. Great effort by abody last Wednesday – great tae see George Muir getting his goals with 2 stinging shots that neither keeper wis able tae keep oot – been practicing the 🦂 in the run up tae this weeks games 😉

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