The laws of the game

It would seem that FA involvement in the walking football isn’t going to change very much.
From what I read, the laws/rules are going to be set at county level, this pretty much means things won’t change. You’ll still have clubs playing with different rules. Obviously, these rules will differ slightly if the game is played indoors or out.
So, as far as everyone playing under one standardised set of laws/rules, it’s not going to happen.
In the meantime, I’ve emailed the Scottish walking football development officer to ask if there are any proposals for SFA involvement. I will upadate as soon as I have any information.

7 thoughts on “The laws of the game

  1. Hope that SFA do get involved as we need all scottish clubs to play with one set of rules for indoor and outside to stop confusion with players.

  2. Hi Billy. We understand that the rules for indoors will be different from outdoors, but What we are looking for is just a standard set of rules that everyone can abide by. Different Clubs with different laws/rules only leads to confusion when playing friendlies or competitions.
    As for the SFA charging us money, I doubt that’ll happen. These are adults playing, in some cases, ex professional players, we don’t need coaches or courses.
    First aid is a different matter. Given the age of the player who will be playing walking football, I’d reckon a first aider would be an extremely valuable asset.

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