The nights are drawin’ oot

Not long before the clocks go forward and we take a step closer to playing back outside. Although most people are enjoying the indoor game, it can’t be denied that it’s slightly more physically demanding than the outdoor game. The ball doesn’t go out of play, its a bit stuffier, and the movement is more restricted.
On the plus side, our agreement for indoors is for one year, if the weather isn’t good enough for outdoors, we have the option to move inside.

We are looking for more players to come along, if you know anyone you think would enjoy it, bring them along.

Wishing a speedy recovery to all the guys who are out with injuries. And remember, what happens in the showers, stays in the showers.

A tale of two tackles

Great turn out again tonight, thanks to everyone who turned up. AWF welcomed back Jim Stewart after an injury lay off.
Mike Muir suffered a calf injury earlier on in the week and came to referee, Cheers Mike.

For the third week in a row, all the teams were evenly matched, the first match finished goalless, Pete Bell and George McKenzie both doing exceptionally well in goals for their respective teams.

There were a few errant tackles flying about tonight, however, none of them were done with any malice or bad intentions.
Everyone looked on in horror as Jim Stewart was sent horizontal by a mistimed Toshy tackle, Jim landed with a thud that was probably heard in Carnoustie.
Next to go down was our oldest player (George Muir), he was upended by an over-zealous challenge from Brian Wallace. Again, it must be stressed that there was no bad intent. George Muir pulled up in a later match with a calf injury, this had nothing to do with the early challenge from Chopper Wallace. All of us wish George a speedy recovery and hope to see him back soon.
Men of the matches tonight were – David Milne. David Beattie and Jim Stewart.

Brian (chopper) Wallace

Slow it down

I took a short video last Wednesday (01-02-17). I wanted to slow it down and have a look at walking styles. I’d just like to add that I’m no expert in this field, I used LightWorks for the slow motion and my own personal judgement.

We all now know that the difference between walking and running is that fact that when you run, both feet, at some point in your stride, are off the ground. Continue reading