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I took a short video last Wednesday (01-02-17). I wanted to slow it down and have a look at walking styles. I’d just like to add that I’m no expert in this field, I used LightWorks for the slow motion and my own personal judgement.

We all now know that the difference between walking and running is that fact that when you run, both feet, at some point in your stride, are off the ground.

You’d think that it would be easy to spot, in reality, it isn’t. Watching the video at normal speed, I didn’t think anyone was running, however, when it was slowed down, I spotted three people running. I had to replay over and over to confirm that all three players did indeed run. It happened quickly and all three players were in no way in the same league as Usain Bolt. No, this was over one or two paces at most, how on earth a referee (qualified or not) is meant spot this is beyond me.

It’s not about how how quickly the player the moves, it’s about walking and keeping one foot on the ground whilst you do it. Just because you think someone is running, doesn’t mean they are. We are in a good position because we all know each other and the banter is good. We also accept the referee’s decision and just get on with it. I hope that we take this attitude into any future tournaments or friendly matches that we may be involved in.

As a footnote – Darin Bell’s attempt did cross the line and should have counted.

3 thoughts on “Slow it down

  1. Well said Jim….
    As long as it’s not absolute blatant running we’ll be fine the way we are as you say..
    I think we need to invest in goal mouth technology on the goal line though….. 😂😂

  2. As you say it is hard to judge it is all down to the referees interpretation of what they see. As you say we take it all in good spirits. On another point I miss the post on the evenings action it was good to read.

  3. Over analysis of the great game will spoil the enjoyment it gives to us all – as said we self officiate our games with good natured banter thrown in for good measure – let’s keep it that way within our group – the rest will take care of itself 😀

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