A bad case of the runs

Great turnout tonight, thanks to all who turned up.
AWF welcomed new player Jake Ferrier, a great addition to the club. The team selection that we recently started using is working well, all three teams were evenly matched.
There were no big scores tonight. Dave Milne kept his goal average at six goals a session, and Pete Bell made some fine fingertip saves.
Men of the match were Bob Millar and Dave Beattie, both well deserved recipients.
George Muir (still injured) was the referee, cheers George.

Now on to the main point of this post, running.
Running is creeping back into our games, It was particularly bad this evening. The ref missed a few, but I’m putting this down to us phasing in the new laws/rules, it’s a lot to take on board. But this is still no excuse, it’s walking football and it’s up to YOU to remember that. We all still have that competitive streak, we have to get to the ball first, and it’s that moment where we forget that we are supposed to walking. Be it a few steps or more, we have all done it.
As Jim Stewart pointed out, it’s not that much of an advantage indoors as players are closed down quickly, it’s when we start playing outdoors again that the advantage will be gained.
It’s easy to get miffed when you’re penalised for running, this is because most players don’t realise that they are running. So, if you do get picked up for running next week, take it on the chin and carry on playing, don’t take it personally, we all know each other and there will be no favouritism, nor will there ever be any individual singled out.


Brian Wallace takes a tumble after a tackle from Mike Muir

7 thoughts on “A bad case of the runs

  1. Every week some seem to be confused by the ball height rule. The rule has always been the CROSSBAR HEIGHT. Head height doesn’t work because we’re all different heights. Now, like running, there’s a fine line where you just have to take it on the chin when the ref doesnt give it.

    Pass back rule is a nightmare but an understandable. Deflection above head height is only a “play on” off the keeper. Anywhere else it’s a free kick.

    Overarm throw outs by the keeper are an infringement all day long unless you are vertically challenged (or crouching) which Sye wasn’t. 🙂

  2. Aye I agree with great saves from pete bell stopped me twice from scoring a good goal. Remember chaps it is walking football and we dont want to lose our new joiners to the game.

  3. You guys just have to adopt the gay looking wiggle of the toushe walk and that’ll stop you running. ..
    It’ll also stop anyone coming anywhere near you!!! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Was good to be back and yes a few runs crept in tonight but as you say it’s hard not to. If your caught running just accept it then carry on playing. Really close games which shows we are getting better at closing down. The banter is wonderful and makes the night better. I can’t wait till next week.

  5. Did the “Invisibles”win all their games – I wis sure there were only 3 teams last night 😉👓

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