The running man

Great turnout again, thanks to all who came along.

The club welcomed new player Mike Burnett. Mike has played walking football before, so he knew what it was all about and fitted in great.

Big thanks to Bob Millar for refereeing. In fact, thanks to everyone who takes their turn at refereeing, it’s no easy task and it’s also a thankless task. Decisions are made in a split second, whilst it might not be the decision you want to hear, it’s the ref’s decision and it is FINAL. Also, mistakes will be made as we transition to the new laws, please bear all this in mind when you want to have a wee moan at the referee, thanks.

Running, yes, that running thing needs to broached again. It’s still happening, whilst it might be brief, it’s still not allowed. Fresh eyes have noticed it. If someone thinks you’re running, you most probably are.

Pete Bell was the only player to hit the crossbar in last week’s crossbar challenge. Here he is being presented with a bottle of his choice (vodka) from Mike Muir and Ray Parker.

Well done Pete.

Crossbar challenge winner Pete Bell with Mike Muir and Ray Parker

9 thoughts on “The running man

  1. To quote a couple of characters fae Chewin the Fat “I’m only here for the banter” quality observation fae Mr Wallace 😀😀

  2. John Crookie is a mixture between Zola Budd wearing trainers and Benny Hill when he is getting chased by nurses (and the funny music gets played)…………………..

  3. Well done Pete. ..
    And to avoid running just imagine you have a £20 mote between your but cheeks and you have to hold on to it.. 😂😂

  4. I can’t run your not allowed it’s walking football lol. Was another great night I enjoyed it very much.

  5. I really enjoyed my first game and will be back on
    Wednesday! Back was a bit sore on Wed night but
    was OK by Thursday morning!
    Not used to so much “fast walking” but I’ll get used
    to it I guess!

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