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As most of you know, we will shortly be leaving our indoor haven and going back outside to play, the nights are drawing out and the weather might even get better.
We are trying to get us playing on a 3G astroturf/artificial grass pitch. The feeling is that the 2G sand based one is a bit too hard for our poor old joints, the number of injuries surely wasn’t just down to a poor warm up? Failing that, we will try and get playing on grass.
The following link gives details about the various artificial playing surfaces and is well worth a read.
I noticed a one chap in the comments saying that he prefered the old 2G pitches due to the fast pace of the ball on the surface, he also said that the newer artificial surface (3G) slowed it down, thats exactly what we need.

Anyway, have a read and leave your thoughts in the comments.

What You Need To Know About Artificial Grass

4 thoughts on “Playing surfaces

  1. If it’s possible it wid have to be 3G for me – 2g as you rightly say is unforgiving oan oor auld joints & muscles & grass has other negatives like unplayable pitch due to waterlogging & of course the sharpened studs of some o oor no nonsense defenders 😉

  2. Hi lads I’ve played on 2g, 3g and 4g pitches and
    overall the 4g is the best surface. However, if no 4g
    pitch is available I would suggest 3g because as
    Dave has said the auld joints canna take it! Is there any schools around the toon that maybe has a 4g pitch?

  3. Mike, the only school with the facilities that we need is the high school. Unfortunately, the pitches are 2g.
    We have played on the pitches there, they’re just a bit too firm and fast for us.
    Watch this space for an announcement on where we’ll be playing outdoors.

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