101 not out!

Great night of football on Wednesday. Bob Millar is still carrying an injury and still coming up to referee for us. It’s no easy task, hat doffed in Bob’s direction for helping us all out.
We have one dedicated goalkeeper (Pete) and two who don’t mind a spell in goals, they all had good games on Wednesday night; Pete Bell, Dave Beattie and Mike Bell – well played lads.

Dave Milne grabbed his 100th indoor goal. He’s a machine with an eye for goal and a great left peg, just to prove that his right leg is not just for standing on, he scored two of his 101 goals with it. But seriously, that’s some going, well done Dave.

We’ll be down on our numbers next Wenesday (26th), this is due to players work and other commitments. If you can’t make it for the last indoor game, please comment or make sure you let myself, Ray or Mike know via the plethora of communication methods we have at our fingertips. Cheers.

Special mention for Brian Wallace’s own goal. Well done, it was a peach.
And let’s not forget Sye Webster’s hat trick, I’m sure he hasn’t told anyone about it.

12 thoughts on “101 not out!

  1. Unfortunately my right foot has suffered a serious trauma having netted 2 of my 💯 goals (I think it’s also because it hadn’t met a fitba in it’s 57 years existence) therefore as the 🐉 would say “I’m out”. I will of course turn up to assist Bob wi the refereeing ⚽️📣

  2. Very unfortunate own goal I might add deflecting a wayward Webster drive past my unfortunate keeper– ☹️

  3. Don’t forget George Muir’s great two goal tally after many assist passes to him from his team mates becoming a secret assassin striker to any team.

  4. Donald Trump heard aboot my hat-trick via the leader of North Korea…………news travels fast!!

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