They do run, run, run – they do run run!

Match Report: 17/05/17

With the eagerly awaited tightening up of the running rule, the players arrived as usual with their chatty warm up. Once again, which seems to be a the pattern emerging, Davey Milne’s team was slow out the blocks. Hatchet’s men chopped up the opposition with some stylish passing and clinical finishing. With the game being broken up with running by a referee being strict on this part of the game that threatens to ruin the Walking game Davey’s team began to find a way back into the game. Both Captains, Davey and Hatchet had a spell in the sin bin for overstepping the running ban with a few others on warnings. Pete Bell turned up to take a spell in goals and immediately showed what an inspired substitution it was. Getting down early to push away a corner of the net bound shot. Unfortunately he was nutmegged from 15 yards!!! Andy Medford is showing he is warming to this game as he took control of many a move and a couple of goals to achieve man of the match votes in the after game discussions. Sye Webster again controlled the midfield letting the more fit guys in his team do all the “running”. George Mackenzie once again playing solidly at the back mopping up the slack passes and making valuable tackles.

  • With lots of discussion to the actual score from both teams it emerged that the score finished 7-7. Well done to the scorers and the people involved in putting the moves together.  Well done to both teams for a good all out game of football. Things to remember:-

• No sliding tackles

• No tackles from behind

• No playing the ball when you’re on the ground


A report has been sent to Condor to make the fences behind the goals 10 feet taller as we are losing lots of balls from wayward shooting. Ya bunch o’ neeps!

To Sin Binity and beyond…..

Tonight marked a tightening of the running problem creeping into our game. To reiterate, this is the way a “blue” card will be served:-

a warning will be served to a player where running is perceived to have occurred  (referee decision is final) 

if a player is guilty in repeating the running offence  they will be served a “blue card” and will be “Sin binned” for 2 mins

repeated offences of running will be met with further 2 min sin bins

repeated offences should lead to a red card and a sending off but for the time being hopefully the sin bin should be a deterrent enough.

NOT ALL RUNNING needs to be punished. Where a player or a team gains an advantage then a referee should punish the offence. As Jim stated tonight, often the run is only a few steps from standing before slowing to a walk – this is still a run 

REFEREES NEED TO BE RESPECTED IN THEIR DECISIONS. A run or a high ball is of the opinion of the referee. Play to the whistle. If you’re frustrated by refereeing decisions then volunteer to have a go yourself and experience the difficult job for yourself

please add your comments or questions


… and the winner is

Great night out with great company. Thanks to all who came along and thanks to Mike for being a great host/compère. Apologies for the picture quality.

Our first trophy winner was Dave Beattie. Over the course of our indoor season, Dave was voted by his fellow players  as our player of the season.

Brian Wallace accepted the players’ player of the season award on his behalf. Continue reading

Show us yer tackle

Thanks to all who turned up last night, another close game. It seems that everyone is enjoying playing on the new surface, it’s certainly kinder on the old joints. A big thanks to Mike Burnett for refereeing.

Just a few points for you guys to ponder over; the version of the game we play is all about continuing to play the game at an easier pace, let’s be honest, not many of us could last 90 minutes at the pace we play walking football, let alone 90 minutes of a full game. We don’t play at a leisurely pace, we all want to win, and that’s not a bad thing. None of us will ever lose that competitive streak that we have, nor should we. However,  we really need to think before tackling, we’re all at the age where the slightest knock take ages to get over, gone are the days when you grimaced and ran (or walked)  it off.

Ideally, the game should be a very minimal contact game, no tackles from behind, no sliding tackles and hold back on the shoulder charges. There is a also a good reason for the ‘no heading the ball’ rule/law, it’s there to stop potential head injuries, to stop potential knocks, and it also promotes keeping the ball on the deck.

It’s also worthwhile remembering that  we’re not all as quick as we were. So, it stands to reason that there will be some mistimed tackles. Just have a think before steaming in.


Back to the ‘pace‘  thing. Running is creeping back in to the game. Next week will see the start of the blue cards.

If you run, a direct free kick will be awarded against you and you will receive a warning. If you are caught running again, there will be a direct free kick awarded against you and you will receive a blue card and spend two minutes in the sin bin.

Remember – The referee’s decision is final. Just accept the decision and move on.