Free beer

We have asked for feedback on our night out. Sadly, we haven’t had much response. So, a decision has been made.

We are having our trophy presentation night on Friday the 12th may. The plan is for everyone to meet at the portcullis at 7.30, we shall have a few drinks, a few laughs and we shall present some trophies to the players who have earned them. After this, those who wish to go to the Legion for the Wembley wizards night, can do so, this is a charity event organised by our very own Ian Angus, your attendance would be very much appreciated.

There is no such thing as free beer. Thanks for reading this far.

10 thoughts on “Free beer

    • That’s a real shame. We’ll just have to give the ‘Personality of the season’ award to someone else.

  1. I’ll make the long treacherous journey fae the west end o the toon tae the east end o the toon – for some mair quality banter 😀

  2. Will definitely be there at the Portcullis 👍⚽️ Tell Dave Milne to bring his passport, times have changed since he last ventured East past the Guthrie Port roundabout 😆

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