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Thanks to all who turned up last night, another close game. It seems that everyone is enjoying playing on the new surface, it’s certainly kinder on the old joints. A big thanks to Mike Burnett for refereeing.

Just a few points for you guys to ponder over; the version of the game we play is all about continuing to play the game at an easier pace, let’s be honest, not many of us could last 90 minutes at the pace we play walking football, let alone 90 minutes of a full game. We don’t play at a leisurely pace, we all want to win, and that’s not a bad thing. None of us will ever lose that competitive streak that we have, nor should we. However,  we really need to think before tackling, we’re all at the age where the slightest knock take ages to get over, gone are the days when you grimaced and ran (or walked)  it off.

Ideally, the game should be a very minimal contact game, no tackles from behind, no sliding tackles and hold back on the shoulder charges. There is a also a good reason for the ‘no heading the ball’ rule/law, it’s there to stop potential head injuries, to stop potential knocks, and it also promotes keeping the ball on the deck.

It’s also worthwhile remembering that  we’re not all as quick as we were. So, it stands to reason that there will be some mistimed tackles. Just have a think before steaming in.


Back to the ‘pace‘  thing. Running is creeping back in to the game. Next week will see the start of the blue cards.

If you run, a direct free kick will be awarded against you and you will receive a warning. If you are caught running again, there will be a direct free kick awarded against you and you will receive a blue card and spend two minutes in the sin bin.

Remember – The referee’s decision is final. Just accept the decision and move on.

5 thoughts on “Show us yer tackle

  1. Good points made there.
    We want to keep it walking football and not make the transition into jogging football. 😂
    We’re all from the era where meaty tackles were just part of the game but it’s time to change our mind set to avoid injury as you say .. 😆

  2. The blue card is there to deter the runners. It should be used infrequently. One person running seems to up the pace of everyone else which easily shows a lot more running. Added to that, we’re on a new surface with no walls to help us.

    Jim and I will be taking a turn to referee next week and we will try to be fair but strict. So who’s gonna hold the envious title of first runner in the sin bin????

  3. The “Late tackle” as described by the legendary Tommy Docherty on Radio 5 show:
    Quiz host: who was the dirtiest player you’ve ever seen?
    The Doc: The late Tommy Smith (Liverpool)
    Quiz Host: But Tommy Smith isn’t dead
    The Doc: I know but he was always late 😀

  4. Aye it’s true as olden ones take ages to heal from knocks and bumps and as rules says no contact is allowed so shoulder barges and slide tackles are out. It won’t be long before someone takes the the sin bin 1st title.

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