To Sin Binity and beyond…..

Tonight marked a tightening of the running problem creeping into our game. To reiterate, this is the way a “blue” card will be served:-

a warning will be served to a player where running is perceived to have occurred  (referee decision is final) 

if a player is guilty in repeating the running offence  they will be served a “blue card” and will be “Sin binned” for 2 mins

repeated offences of running will be met with further 2 min sin bins

repeated offences should lead to a red card and a sending off but for the time being hopefully the sin bin should be a deterrent enough.

NOT ALL RUNNING needs to be punished. Where a player or a team gains an advantage then a referee should punish the offence. As Jim stated tonight, often the run is only a few steps from standing before slowing to a walk – this is still a run 

REFEREES NEED TO BE RESPECTED IN THEIR DECISIONS. A run or a high ball is of the opinion of the referee. Play to the whistle. If you’re frustrated by refereeing decisions then volunteer to have a go yourself and experience the difficult job for yourself

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2 thoughts on “To Sin Binity and beyond…..

  1. Absolutely spot on. The thing is, I honestly believe that no one will think they are running. I was certain I wasn’t, but then, I’m not watching myself.
    It all comes back to wanting to get to the ball first, it’s extremely difficult to lose that competitiveness after playing for so many years. Strict refereeing is the way forward. Flog the bastards, that’s what I say 😀

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