The ba’s burst

Thanks to everyone who played tonight, all players from both teams had a great game.
The end to end game finished 8-7 to the good looking team.

Dunc the ref made his début as a player and had a fantastic game in goals. John Cruickshanks bagged a hat trick in the first 10 mins after some good passing and movement from his team. Mike Bell also grabbed a fine hat trick.

Brian Wallace had an outstanding game at the back, but he tarnished this with a Bruce Lee type challenge on Jim Mc. Fortunately for him, the referee was tying his lace and missed the incident.

Brian Wallace showing Jim his new studs.

PS. The ba didn’t actually burst, the stitching came out.

Normal service

Rain! What rain?

Normal service will be resumed this week. In fact, no more weather cancellations, a pitch-side decision will be made from now on.

This week is bring a friend week. Look through your contacts and get in touch with that one friend who would benefit from the work out.



6-4 Thriller

Thanks to all players who played this week.

We had two fairly even teams playing on a very hot evening. If sweaty old men are your thing, the Condor 3G pitch was the place to be.

Gus Adams made his début as the man in the middle with the whistle.

Colin Gibson had a great game on his return after a long absence due to family duties. Midfield maestro Jake Ferrier had a great game, capped with a cracking goal. Mike Burnett also showed some class throughout the game, he was unlucky not to have scored more than one goal. Ever presents Brian Wallace and Dave Spalding shone at the back and Dave Milne Bagged a hat trick.

Big shout out to George Muir and his shot that was too hot to handle for the keeper, he doesn’t score very often, but when he does, it’s usually a belter.

Men of the match were – Andy Medford, Mike Burnett and Jake Ferrier.

Get well soon

All the players at the club would like to wish Ray Parker all the very best for today and hope that he’s back to feeling himself as soon as possible (stop sniggering at the back).


See you soon, Ray


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