Sun’s oot – Taps aff

Great night for a game of walking football, sun was shining, we had a gentle breeze, and we also had a great turn out. Ally Gordon made his return after a long lay off due to injury.
We had three teams, and unlike last week, the teams were very even, there weren’t many goals scored throughout the matches. In fact, one of the games was decided by a very unfortunate own goal, Alan (Hatchet) Harrison wants an assist because it was his corner that lead to the own goal. Darin Bell feels like he was at fault because of the 3 yard death stare he received, and the guy who did put the ball in the net, wishes to remain anonymous.

We had the luxury of a referee last night, considering he was picking up the rules as he went along, Duncan did well. I personally think that having a referee made a big difference.

Andy Medford and Jim Stewart were both given the man of the match votes.

11 thoughts on “Sun’s oot – Taps aff

  1. I could have played aw nicht if I’d been allowed to ☹️So here’s a suggestion tae consider:
    When we only have enuff for 2 x 7-a-side teams we play fir the hour – done deal ✔️
    When we have enuff for 3 or more teams there are more options all from a 7pm sharp KO:
    1. We could play for the hour on a bigger size pitch 2 teams
    2. We can continue with 3 x 7 teams but play for longer e.g. 15 min games from 7pm sharp up tae 8:30
    3 If we had enuff for 4 small sided games we wid hae 2 options- 1 match 11 v 11 or multiples thereafter or play small sided games on 2 separate pitches swapping teams around every 20 mins = 1 hour
    Personally I wid play til dusk falls ⚽️⚽️⚽️ like I did when I wis growin up 😉😀

  2. Buy the way bibs were washed today got them in off the line before the rain came on and they are smelling lovely 😊

  3. Sorry to have missed last night. Andy Medford picking up yet another MOM that must be about 3 in 4 weeks now!
    I’m up for any of Davie Milne suggestions above and am quite happy to go with the flow!

  4. Nice suggestions Dave but remember we hire the pitch on an hourly basis if we play till 20.30 (8.30) pm we have to pay for the extra half hour and it doesnt take rocket science when the guardroom knows we are playing past our time alloted. (Hint CCTV a giveaway).

  5. It’s a nice idea 11 aside but walking football was never designed to be played like that. Problems you’d encounter is we’re only paying for a part of a pitch. (Probably not a big issue but you can bet that someone would grass on us). Brian Wallace probably.

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