The ba’s burst

Thanks to everyone who played tonight, all players from both teams had a great game.
The end to end game finished 8-7 to the good looking team.

Dunc the ref made his début as a player and had a fantastic game in goals. John Cruickshanks bagged a hat trick in the first 10 mins after some good passing and movement from his team. Mike Bell also grabbed a fine hat trick.

Brian Wallace had an outstanding game at the back, but he tarnished this with a Bruce Lee type challenge on Jim Mc. Fortunately for him, the referee was tying his lace and missed the incident.

Brian Wallace showing Jim his new studs.

PS. The ba didn’t actually burst, the stitching came out.

4 thoughts on “The ba’s burst

  1. That picture of Mr Wallace must have been taken at exactly the same time as ELO were 🎶 Don’t Bring Me Down 🎻🎸🎼🥁🎤

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