Taking a trip down memory lane….

This weeks game saw the much anticipated return of Mike Muir. Mike’s been away in International duty and Hatchett was delighted to see him back with him being his first pick. 3 teams were picked and Dunc got the action stated with a great “Freep” of his whistle. With Brian Wallace tripping in warm up it wasn’t long before others were catching their feet on the immaculate surface. Unfortunately, one of these mishaps ended in Bob Miller hurting his housemaids knee again rendering him probably on the sidelines for another few weeks. Jim McNairn inevitably put the ball over the fenceand in the net with a rasping drive from a free kick lay off and Dave Milne had an off night by his extremely high standards.

Mike Muir eventually found his rhythm and scored 4 goals in total on the night. The game was marred with some running incidents with newly returned Colin Gibson tearing up the pitch and leaving scorch marks, Steve “the cat” Muir pulled off some incredible saves before being beaten cheaply at one post and then from a sublime curl to the far post from his brother. The old man of the Muir trio was always in space holding up play laying off pass after pass to his team mates.

Where’s Darin some people asked (well actually nobody did) – but he was on thickest wallet duty being invited out to pay for everyones dinner at (probably) the cheapest place in town. Special mention to Dave Spalding who seemed to be involved in everything. Men of the match went to Mike Muir (warranted), Dave Beattie and Usain Gibson. A good night all in all with some great banter from the sideline


9 thoughts on “Taking a trip down memory lane….

  1. It’s a great laugh, this bean pole (I would rename Useless Coach-bolt) seriously needs the lightening large strides to circumnavigate the fuller specimens on show.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Great match report as always. ..
    We all enjoyed our picnic in the Lidl car park thanks..

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