You can go whistle for it!

With the late call off of our referee we saw injury prone Bob fill in for Gus without the use of a whistle. This didnt cause too many issues but back up plans are now in place to prevent this problem arising again. Jim McNairn had a well earned night off after his burn out of playing week in and week out chasing the ball when he kicked it over the fence. As you can imagine there was much more ball in play time without him.

Three teams once again graced the great venue of Condor on this sun kissed evening. Some great individual play from some players matched the venue and weather. Sye Webster once again sported his Jack of all trades badge (master of none) by showing his skills out field and in particular in goals thwarting a few great efforts from attacking players before being beaten cheaply by the on fire Mike Bell. Leon Gibson (son of Colin) came along to witness and partake in the game and quickly embarrassed his Dad  by intercepting his pass and blasting into the far corner of the net. Goals were flying in with Dave Milne finding his scoring boots again and Hatchett and Steve Cargill also scoring multiple times. Pass and play of the evening went to Mike Muir – a defence splitting pass from one side of the pitch to the other allowed Mike Bell to ghost in at the far side and coolly slot home for one of his trio of goals.

A few reckless challenges, in the absence of Chopper Wallace, left a couple of guys flattened and goal scoring opportunities cruelly thwarted. We should seriously consider the sin bin for such challenges to prevent players making these challenges, preventing the possibility of injuries. We will discuss this with the referees – you have been warned. We always seem to start late every week causing issues at the end squeezing in the last game. I would ask that players aim to be at Condor no later than 18:45 (but aim to be there at 18:35) to allow admin and the setting up of the pitch, warm ups and picking teams.

Another good night with lots of banter, again from the sidelines. Thanks again to Bob for slotting into the referee slot.



6 thoughts on “You can go whistle for it!

  1. Thirty thrice. ..😂😂😂
    Great fun as always and agree about being there early. . We can always run over the hour for the last game as I’m sure it’ll not be a problem as noone on after either. .
    Games are getting more competitive, play and players are improving imensely which is great but thus then results in harder/mistimed tackles and running on and off the ball.. 😊

  2. Leon passes on his thanks to everyone for allowing him to take part and witness what’s in store when he reaches “auld age”. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

  3. Many thanks to all who welcomed me back to the game after my surgery. As Mike said there was a great turnout and good game of football had by all.

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