Hot under the collar

A nice cool breeze fooled a few a people into thinking they’d need extra layers, but they were soon peeling them off as it was quite a muggy night.
It was decided to go with two teams of 8, this meant no rolling subs and the going was hard at times. The first half was a fairly even affair, Bob Miller was having a great night in goals, but for his stops, the final winning score could well have doubled. Billy Chambers made a guest appearance for tonight’s game, and after a being pulled up a few times for running, he went on to have a great game. He finished a great night with a cracking (and well deserved) goal. Ray Parker continues his journey back to fitness and looked like he’d never been away at all.
Frustration got the better of a couple of our top players, the players shall remain nameless. Just remember chaps, you’re allowed a bad game every now and then.
For long spells, the ball was being passed about quickly by both teams, negating the need for anyone to even contemplate running. A lot of these quick passing moves ended with a goal, and that can only bode well for any friendly matches that we may play in.
Big shout out to Dunc the ref for keeping the game flowing and not being afraid to blow the whistle.

Thanks again to everyone who turned up.

Jim McNairn after receiving the match ball for his hat trick

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