Yer da sells Avon

Great turn out again on Wednesday night, thanks to all those who played.
A new method for selecting teams was used and it was quite successfull, we had three evenly matched teams who were involved in very close matches. No balls were punted over the fence during match play.

In other news, the player of the season will now be decided by an online poll near the end of the season. There was never really a decent system in place to take the votes after every match.

There is a possibility of a walking football tournament being held close to us. We are looking for a volunteer from our current crop of players to grab the bull by the horns, stand up and be counted, grab the reins etc etc, and organise a team (or teams) to take part. I don’t have any details yet, but they will be published as soon as I get them.

John Cruickshanks saving a Dave Milne thunderbolt

4 thoughts on “Yer da sells Avon

  1. Depending on when and where the tournament is, I’d be happy to try and organise a team to take part. Would need support from the rest of the lads though!

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