PENALTY! (naw it isnae)

Just a reminder that our last outdoor game for this season will be on the 27th September(2017). The frst indoor game will be on the 4th of October (2017).
Could the 5 people who actually read this, pass the information on to the others? Thanks.

A few of the rules/laws of the game have caused some confusion recently. The rules page on this website highlight the important ones, the ones that affect the players directly. Have a read and make yourself familiar with them. In the meantime, here are a couple that have caused problems recently.

A Goalkeeper receives the ball back directly from a team mate to whom they have just passed the ball without the ball having made contact with any other player
This results in an indirect free kick, NOT a penalty. The keeper is not at fault here, it’s the player who passes the ball back to him.

A defending player enters their own penalty area
The result is a penalty kick. The player does NOT have to touch the ball.

Slides in an attempt to play the ball when it is being played or attempted to be played by an opponent (sliding tackle).
Additionally no playing from the floor is permitted.

The result is a direct free kick. This includes if you attempt to play the ball whilst you are grounded.

We play with a ball height restriction, our maximum height is the crossbar on the 7 a-side goals. Anything up to the top of Colin Gibson’s head is fine.

9 thoughts on “PENALTY! (naw it isnae)

  1. I think that’s a polite request to familiarise yourselves with the Laws of the Game. Ignorance is no excuse – it just causes problems and arguements.

  2. Dis this mean yer takin aw the penalty goals away fae my total goals scored ? If so I hereby intimate an appeal to the European Court for Human Rights oan the groond that, at the time & in the presence o those purporting to be playing said Walkin Fitba – the decision o the ref in conjunction wi the rulers o AWFA (Jim McNairn, Mike Muir & oanabody else who spoke when spoken tae by the said appointed ref) confirmed that such offence shid be punished with the ultimate penalty – PENALTY ⚽️ – yours in sport Dave Milne Esq. 👀

    • I did say at the time (incorrectly) that the offense should have resulted in a direct free kick. I was told by a certain player to “shhhhhhh”. I’m no grass, but his name starts with Sye and ends with Webster.
      All goals will stand.

  3. That Disnae help me after a said penalty was scored when it should gave been a direct free kick. Oh well we move on and in future hopefully the correct decision will be made. I am glad to be back playing that’s the main thing. Well played everyone.

  4. Tut tut so when Jim Stewart played his sliding tackle to get the ball in defence it should have been a direct free kick to opposing team as no contact or sliding tackles allowed rules are rules.⚽👍 Gather ref was blinded by the long slide.

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