Is it a back pass or a pass back?

If an outfield player passes the ball to the goalkeeper, everything is cool.
If the goalkeeper decides that he really would love to give the same player the ball back, that is also cool.
Now, if that same player thinks ‘wow, this walking fitbaw lark is nice and easy, I’ll give it back to the goalkeeper’, that is a problem. You should expect to hear an almighty ‘phweeeeeeeeeeppppppppp’ from the referee’s Acme Thunderer, because this is a foul that will result in an indirect free kick.
I hope this clears this matter up.

So the goalkeeper can’t … oh man, this is so difficult

3 thoughts on “Is it a back pass or a pass back?

  1. I understand it… 😊
    If you pass to the keeper at any time you can get it back. . No problemo. …
    If the keeper gives it to you at any time you can’t give it back. .. Massive problemo.. 😊

  2. crossbar height. indoor or outdoor.
    no slide tackles.
    no play of ball if on ground.
    no pass back to keeper if he gives to you but ok if you give to him.
    penalty if defender enters box.
    indirect free kick for head height.
    direct for other normal offences.
    no scoring from kick ins/ roll ins/ corners.
    no tackles from behind.
    6second rule on keeper having ball. kick ins penaltys etc.
    running for same player 3 times in game blue card and sin bin same for bad tackles etc but not 3TIMES maybe have to introduce 👍🏻 3 mins/5mins depending on length of games etc.
    pretty self explanatory if everyone gets these basics no need for arguments or lost time playing.
    be good for refs to know these to. also whole ball rule applies across line for goals. kick in etc

  3. Mike, the name Whizz entered your predictor mini league is moi…Colin Gibson.
    Great at NOT predicting that is…😳

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