First Contact, Heavy Contact, Nae Contact??

  1. Tonight’s game was marred with some reactions to challenges and the age old problem of refereeing decisions. We all agree that we are all older and subject to easier injury. We all agree that most of us have work to go to the next day. What we don’t all agree on is the referee has a difficult job and that we have to respect that a whole lot more that we ALL do.

It was highlighted again that some challenges just shouldn’t be made. This is down to YOU self policing yourselves. Once again we talk of stricter refereeing. That is so much easier said than done. So the emphasis is on YOU to kerb that late lunge, or challenge from behind. That shoulder in the back or the clip of the players heels as he turns you. Yes YOU and YOU and YOU. We’ve all done it!

The talk is to introduce the sin bin for wreckless, clumsy or ill timed challenges. This will also run alongside the sin bin for persistent running. This of course is at the referees discretion… NOT YOURS. So please also learn to kerb your comments towards the referee or you’ll be seeing the sin bin yourself. As always, if you feel you can do the job of the referee, take a turn when we are struggling.

Here’s a must watch video on the topic

Video here


14 thoughts on “First Contact, Heavy Contact, Nae Contact??

  1. Great post Mike. These things need addressing.

    There really is only one way to go, no contact. The problem will soon go away if it’s implemented properly.
    If you’ve got the time and the interest, please watch the video that is linked in the post.
    I know there are some that think that taking away the contact will ruin the game. What I would say is that you can still be competitive without the contact. Also, we are all different ages, what might seem a fairly innocuous challenge to some, could be a few weeks or months out (or worse) for one of our more senior guys.
    Just enjoy the game for what it is, fun. We’re not competing for a league position or any cups, we’re a bunch of auld buggers having a bit fun together that we didn’t think we would ever have again. Less bad tackles, more banter.

    *Edit – I should add that above is just my opinion. I can’t make that decision. All players need to have a say.

  2. Just watched both videos guys..
    The video Davie posted is FULL of running which indicates were not that bad if that’s the way other folk are playing… Becomes a farce if allowed to play like that..
    I totally agree with you Jim as regards the first video. .. We have guys of varying ages and fitness and we have a duty to the older guys as that is primarily who walking football is aimed at.. You’ve put it down in words very well indeed Jim.. I’m sure it’ll still be competitive but just in a different but safer way. . If anyone wants more of a challenge and a mire physicsl game they can come and join me at the FPS. . 😊

  3. The video posted by Mike reiterates the points that need addressing. I don’t agree that last nights game was marred by reactions to challenges – what was said needed to be said before someone suffers a serious injury – everyone of us has to take responsibility for ensuring a safe environment to showcase our talents

  4. The video I posted shows a VERY different game from what we play. As the commentator says, when 2 players come together, the person most forceful is penalised. If that’s difficult to work out then it’s a drop ball but the game is stopped nonetheless. We’ve not played in that style at all. It’s going to be like starting all over again – it’s going to feel like a new game.

  5. Some very good points made by everyone – it’s good to know we are all taking these matters seriously.

    Over the past two months there has been an increase in a few reckless tackles ie lunging tackles , players getting an elbow in the face ,fouling from behind when a player only has the keeper to beat etc.

    Overall, I think most of the play is done in the spirit of the game, with most players only doing low impact tackles – but I think we all agree we need to eliminate the few excessive tackles which have recently started to appear ( but thankfully there has not been too many ).

    Also,sometimes players are running, sliding their feet along the grass surface, just touching the grass, to avoid being flagged up for “running” – but in the main,I don’t think players intentionally run.

    If we can eliminate the reckless tackles and running with making use of the sin bin this should help ease these concerns.

    If possible, might be worthwhile making a video of a few games so that we can all watch to identify any issues.

    Overall, I think it’s good to have a friendly, competitive element to the games – but totally agree that the lunging tackles and running needs addressed ( and yes, I have been guilty a few times of “running” in the past ) !!!

    • We will be taking video of us playing, it’s been planned for a while now. Should get it done before we go back indoors.

  6. Let us know when you’re gonna do the video and I’ll fix my hair and make up and dress smart…
    But casual… 😉😂

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