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Poll: Following on from last weeks incidents and subsequent discussions there was a poll carried out on the website. Thanks to the people who participated in the poll.

Rules: This weeks game will compromise of “no contact” since thats what the majority of the poll users wanted. Have another watch of the video (below) to give yourself an idea of what it will entail. Just to reiterate – this is to minimise the chance of injury through clumsy, late, or nasty challenges. This includes sliding, barging, shoulders, pushing, challenges from behind etc. Winning the ball cleanly with a toe without contact should be deemed ok. Have a think about what sort of challenges you generally make and try to remove any of those that are listed above.

Running: Anything remotely approaching a run will be penalised – please, no arguments! We all think we are walking at a pace just below running – not true! That quick first few steps is a run. Some of us think we’ve got it down to a fine art – not true! What you think is a walk is a run to the referee. Learn from the decision and slow down!

Sin Bin: This will operate for those challenges that were what we are trying to avoid. No warnings will be given in the more dangerous ones, but continued fouling will be met with a few mins off the park. Sin bins will also be in place for persistent runners.

Referee: We will try this week without one of our designated referees as they need to see the video and be happy with what constitutes a penalised challenge. The referee (Mike) will not tolerate backchat, moaning or persistent shouting out the “rules” – this will end in the sin binning of the offenders.

Some players enjoyment of the game is being tarnished by some/all the problems we are facing just now. These changes are needed to keep us, as a club, continuing to play. (Remember – these are tournament rules!!!) It is going to be a challenge to adapt to this and it will take time. The bottom line is this. Ease upon the challenges, slow up on the movement, and keep the moaning to a minimum.

If there’s anything I’ve missed or any comment you want to make then please reply.

Click and watch the video again

Oh, and the guy who wants to play Naked football see Darin after the game 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ch..Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes

  1. How many players actually voted ?

    I would have voted in favour of having some contact, but could not find the poll to vote.

    I think people’s main concerns were about the recent increase in the small number of lunging tackles ( including elbows in the face ) and running – but in the main,not withstanding the odd tackle, most of the play seemed fair and reasonable.

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