The 7 goal hat-trick

Changes were made successfully tonight to a non-contact style of play with the players quickly adapting.  The ball most certainly was put to work with crisp passing and movement the winner tonight. Very few challenges were made and none of a dangerous nature which was what the majority of players wanted.

This seemed to suit a few players with George Muir hitting the back of the net after a long drought of scoring. It also suited the style of Jim whole rattled off a quick 7 goal hat-trick! The man was on fire and not a shot going over the fence either. There were calls for an introduction of drug testing as a few players came to terms that every dog has his day!!

It was good to see players embrace the new style of play so quickly but a few players still managed to fall over as if they’d been hacked. Simulation was suspected but the ref was having none of it.

Hopefully we can continue this style of football and the guys who are not yet sold on it can come to terms with it over the next coming weeks.

6 thoughts on “The 7 goal hat-trick

  1. Well done tae Jim the night for demonstrating the art of finishing to a T 👍 & well done tae abody for embracing the changes introduced – some players adapted to the changes better than others – but I’m sure we’ll all work it oot in the end – as Brendan Rogers says playing the Scottish way hasnae done us any good over the last 20 years – let’s stay calm when in possession o the ba & play football 😉

  2. I thought it was the no conatct game was pretty good, it’s really not that much different from how the majority of us play anyway. The difference was, the slight possibilty of someone getting injured (due to a mistimed tackle or a shoulder barge etc) was taken away, that can only be a good thing. It also allowed the ref to concentrate on the other area of the game that we’ve had problems with, running.
    I’m happy to play the full contact game, or the no contact. I’ll go along with what everyone wants, I’m sure we’ll have some kind of vote to decide.
    Massive thanks to Mike Muir for giving up his playing time to referee. This proved to be Mike’s best game so far this season.
    Massive thanks also to Mike Burnett for turning up to help out, even though he was injured. Thanks guys

  3. Great game tonight by all who observed the no contact rule the game was still a high thrill goal bonanza by jim who took his contact lenses oot.Took a little persuasion to get Dave Beattie out of goal and then I stopped a few good hits by other team to slow down the goal bonanza.Great game👍⚽👍

  4. Here here….
    The game was as exciting and entertaining as any week so the no contact didnt smother or kill the game we all love… As said above by Dave and jim I think the no contact just prevents alot of situations where injuries to older and less mobile players may occur and any folk “losing the heid” due to any bad or simply mistimed challeges. .
    As for Jims finishing.. Well…. it was only a matter of time before he banged a few corkers in the net… success rate of 7 out of 700…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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