The nights are fair drawin’ in

Wednesday night saw the welcome return of long term injury casualty, Jimmy Stewart. Sadly, as one casualty returned, another fell. George Muir limped off after pulling up with what appeared to be a groin strain. We all hope it’s nothing serious and that George is back playing again soon.

Once again, the teams picked were fairly even; a nod in the direction of the guys who pick the teams is long overdue, well done chaps. The first half was all about the blue team, goal machine Davie Milne scoring a hat trick. The yellow team had chances, but a combination of bad finishing and the cat like reflexes of keeper Dave Beattie kept the score at 3-0.

Afetr the start of the second half, the blue team struggled a bit, gone were the swagger, the cheeky wee flicks and the strutting about with puffed out chests à la Cantona. It could have been the rain, the introduction of the floodlights or the lose of George Muir, or perhaps a combination of them all, but the blue team were in disarray.

After they bagged their first goal, the floodgates opened for the yellow team. Notable mentions for Ray Parker, he grabbed his first goal in a while, Mike Burnett for two cracking goals from difficult angles, and Dave Whitton for a great hat trick.

Well played to everyone in what was a very enjoyable game to be involved in.

The squad getting some practice for next years calendar shoot. Thanks to Dave Milne for the suggestion

3 thoughts on “The nights are fair drawin’ in

  1. 😀😀😀 – Despite ending up oan the losing side thoroughly enjoyed the game last night – however I’ll be writing tae Duracell aboot the dramatic drop in power n performance me & my team mates put in 2nd half 😉

  2. Agree also great game from both teams and so proud to break my duck. Can Dave Milne make it to half century on goals before outside season closes. ⚽👍🏆

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