I’m too young for that

Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to about coming to play walking football already have a picture in their head. It’s usually an image of old men shuffling along at slow speed, old duffers miskicking the ball and having to stop for a blast from the oxygen tank. Because of this image, they usually say “I’m too young for that” (bear in mind that these people are 50 or over).
Well, I can confirm that the image they have is utter nonsense, it’s actually a very hard game to play. It can also be very physically demanding. The passing has to be more precise, and keeping yourself from running is harder than you think. Much like any other sport, you get out what you put in.
We have players of all standards and ability at the club, ex pro, ex junior and the ex Saturday and Sunday amateur players. We also have players who stopped playing due to injury. The one thing they all have in common is that they all come back.
If you fancy giving it go, get in touch. We don’t want you to come and watch, we want you to come and play. Give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose (except maybe a few pounds).

‘kin hell! I thought this was going to be easy
– Walking football player after their first game

9 thoughts on “I’m too young for that

  1. Every word true, complete misconception about how it really is, personally find it harder , physically and mentally , than 5 asides. Passing has to be more precise, constant movement, more vocal, and great banter amongst all those playing. Watching doesn’t do it justice, it looks easy(ish).
    Would recommend it too anyone looking to get back playing or just looking to get out and do something.
    Give it a try! You will not be disappointed.

  2. Benefits of walking football:
    Physical exercise – walking
    Mental exercise – trying to outfox opponents
    Improved technical ability (I thought my right foot wis just for standing oan 😀 – 57 years later I can make passes & score goals with it 😉)
    Banter – oh the banter😉

  3. Well put indeed gentlemen. ..
    It is SO much fun and competitive side is still there too without too much risk of injury.. It’s such a good laugh and boy can some great football get played at times. ..

  4. Walking football is well recommended by medical staff to enhance physical fitness after any injury or surgery for all ages to attend, as no contact it is still a skillful game to play.

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