What’s happening?

New football kits coming soon.

Hopefully have a couple of friendlies coming our way.

Based on people who have said they will go, we now have enough players to take a team to the walking football tournament in Portugal next October. I will post more details as soon as I get them.

Sye Webster is organising another quiz night shortly after the new year. This time it’s for club funds.

John Gowans was knocked off his bike in an early morning hit and run incident. He’s not sure who it was, but he said the guy driving looked like Brian Wallace. We all hope John is fit for next week, he’s owe the club a quid for his square on the scratch card.

Sad news, Bob Miller has had to hang his indoor and outdoor gym shoes up due to injury. This will be a great loss to the club. As well as losing a good player, we are losing a regular who was always on hand to help out when needed. We wish him all the best and hope that he will keep involved in another capacity.

A scratch card will be getting sold this Wednesday. Bring yer change.

9 thoughts on “What’s happening?

  1. Devastating news aboot Bob Millar ☹️ I’m sure the club will be able tae find him a suitable role within the organisation tae keep him actively involved (games crying oot fir a no nonsense referee😉)

  2. Sad to hear were losing Bob through injury. . Maybe just needs a good massage from a Thai burd… Can we do a sponsored event to raise cash for his happy ending?

  3. Meant to ask about guys who used to come along but not seen in ages. ..
    Froggie,Gav,Tam Smith,tosh,Andy Medford, Steve Muir, Pete bell, Brian Wallace, Dinker, Mids, Dunc to name a few..

    • Froggy – Other commitments
      Gav – ?
      Tam – ?
      Toshy – Injury forced retirement
      Andy – ?
      Steve – ?
      Pete – Injured
      Brian – Injury forced retirement
      Dinker – Breathing problems
      Mids – Not his thing
      Alan Mowatt – Long term injury
      Dunc -?

  4. i will be back in the new year. still not recovered from injury playing a game of fives!!! lesson learned stick to walking footy 😂

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