Stuffed turkey

Good turn out tonight. I’d like to say that no one looked like they’d overdone it at the Christmas dinner table, but as there were quite a few swollen bellies before Christmas, it was hard to tell.
Joking aside, there was some really good football played tonight. Three very evenly matched teams (well done to the team selectors).
Dave Whitton made his return after tearing his calf muscle and both Cargill lads (Steve and Stuart) made a return after a long absence, all three made the score sheet. There weren’t that many goals scored, every goal had to be worked for. Dave Milne only scored 5, that gives you an idea of how tight the games were.
Two of the goals of the night came from George Muir and Jake Ferrier. Jake with a long range pass into the net, and George wrong footing the goalkeeper from the edge of the box. Unluckiest chap of the night was Hatchet, he must have hit the post about 5 times.
Well played all. See you all on the 3rd, have a great new year.

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    • It’s OK. We’re all at that age where we get a wee bit forgetful. We can set up a reminder service for you, you’ll receive a text every Wednesday an hour before the game. We can even arrange to have you picked up from the old folks home if you want?

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