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Received this email today (We are members of Walking Football Scotland). I’m not sure how this will affect us joining a local league, or a league set up that hasn’t been sanctioned. I’m not sure if Walking Football Scotland have any plans for a local league or competitions of any sort. News of any happenings will be posted here.

Dear Jim,

There has been a lot of confusion regarding an organisation called the Walking Football Association and its claim to be the National Governing Body (NGB) for Walking Football in the UK. The Walking Football Association is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales, No. 10479575

I am happy to go on record and state that Walking Football Scotland is a Registered Scottish Charity No: SC047709, and proud to be leading walking football in Scotland and has no links with the WFA.

The WFA have no jurisdiction in Scotland nor do I recognise them as an NGB.

I look to the Scottish FA to be the National Governing Body in Scotland and happy to share a quote from the Scottish FA, which states: “The Scottish FA is the Governing Body for Football in Scotland. Walking Football is a derivative of Football and we therefore support this area of the game through our working relationships with Walking Football Scotland.”

I felt this letter was necessary to clear up any confusion and inform our members of the difference between both organisations and ask you to circulate it around your group.

Walking Football Scotland already has strong partnerships with organisations such as Age Scotland, NHS Scotland, Paths for All and the SPFL Trust. With everyone working together and Walking Football Scotland continuing to develop a safe and exciting game at every level, the future for the slowed down version of the game is indeed very bright.

Andy Gould, Head of Football Development at the Scottish FA, said: “Walking Football is a core activity in the Scottish FA’s Grassroots Football strategy, the One National Plan, and it is heartening to see the growth of a sport that helps to deliver benefits such as increased physical activity, mental well-being and our ultimate vision of providing ‘Football for Life’.

“We look forward to working with Walking Football Scotland, our regional network and our extensive links to clubs and other stakeholders to continue to support the growth of walking football in future.”

Walking Football Scotland has been delighted with the support from our members and happy to work with everyone to improve, maintain and promote the physical, mental and social wellbeing of older adults in Scotland through walking football.

I hope this has clarified the position and I am confident that with your continued support we can move on in a positive manner.



Gary McLaughlin

Walking Football Scotland

4 thoughts on “National governing body

  1. I am involved with trying to get a league set up and was approached by TRA, an English league who were looking to set up a Scottish league. I am happy to try do it in conjunction with SFA and WFS but feel we need this to happen asap not six month down the line. Thoughts?

    • I’m with you on this, Gordon. Would like to see it happen sooner. I’ve sent an email asking about future plans re league set ups and competitions.

  2. For me that letter smacks of “look how important we think we are” and proposes nothing. As a player I want to test myself against other teams and the WFS/SFA should look at the suggested league structure and put it in place under their authority. The demand is obviously there for a league or TRA wouldn’t be suggesting it.

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