The blue card

Competition rules and normal rules were mixed up on Wednesday night. The non competition law pertaining to running is as follows.
Walking is defined as ‘always having at least one foot in contact with the ground’.
The referee will award a direct free kick against any player who is seen to be not walking.
If a player is penalised on three occasions for infringing the walking rule, they receive a blue card and are sin binned for a duration of two minutes.
For subsequent running offences by the same player, it’s a straight blue card.

Wednesday night saw our first use of the blue card. The man to make history was John Cruickshanks.
The blue card rule will now be used for all future games.
Please note that the referee’s decision is final.
Although you might not think you’re running, if the ref thinks you are, you more than likely are.

Congrats to John

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