Age? It’s just a number

Great turnout on Wednesday evening again (21/02/18).
Many thanks to the injured guys who show up to help out with refereeing, scoring, or just to watch and support, you guys are the best (you know who you are) and we all appreciate it.

Running has been creeping back in to our game, although it’s not a massive issue, It’s still one that needs to be addressed. We have videos to show everyone, we just need a night when can get the majority to turn up.

Let’s all doff our collective bunnets in the direction of George Muir. George is nearing 78 years old and was almost booked for running this week, not only that, he scored a hat trick that any player would have been proud of. Watch the sly auld bugger peeling off from the players chasing the ball.
Personally, anyone running at that age deserves a bloody round of applause, not a booking.

I give you George’s third goal.

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