The great outdoors

That’s the indoor season finished, time for us to go back out into the fresh air.
Great to see that we now have a steady number of players attending every week, we are also fortunate to have a great bunch of lads and a great venue to play at.
The indoor season saw us lose a couple of players to injury. Thankfully, nothing serious, but serious enough to affect their life outside of football. When you’re knocking on a bit and injury starts affecting your work, it’s time to hang the walking football trainers up.
On the plus side, we did gain a referee, although he’s unable to play now, Bob Millar gives up his free time to referee the games for us, it’s appreciated by everyone. Cheers Bob. In fact, Thanks to everyone who turned up to help out when they were injured.
Top scorer for the indoor season Was Dave Milne with an impressive tally of 113 goals; runner up was Jake Ferrier with 52 goals.
A night out for the usual trophy presentation is being planned as I type. Your attendance for this would be greatly appreciated.

There are a couple of things you should note before we move back outdoors.
1. We start at 19.00, be at the guardroom no later 18.40.There is a possibility that you will not get in if you arrive late.
2. We will be playing a 3 touch game.

For those who still think that walking football is a bunch of old duffers shuffling along trying to kick a ball without dying. Have a look at one of our players in a typical pose. (sorry about image quality)

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  1. Huge thank you to all who help out in any/which way to make for such an enjoyable evening in great company.. long may it continue..

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