wet wet wet

Thanks to all who turned up tonight, despite the rain.
It was another one of those ‘game of two halves’ evenings, the team selectors done well, but each team had a one player advantage for each half.
The players have adapted to the three touch rule really well, because of this, there was some great touch and go football being played. Andy Medford gets a special mention for his finishing tonight, some cracking goals.

Some issues with the referee tonight, not that referee was doing anything wrong, just the disagreements with his decisions. Let’s get this sorted before we have to resort to reffing the games ourselves again.

The referee’s decision is final. Absolutely no arguments with this.
If the ref has made his decision, don’t correct him. Not point in having the ref there if you’re going to do that.
If you think the ref has got a rule wrong, discuss it after the game. Do not stand shouting about it on the pitch or touchline.
JUST TAKE A STEP BACK. This is, after all, non competitive football between mates. Get behind the ref. If a decision goes against you, it’s not the end of the world, accept it and have a laugh about it later.
The ref is someone we know, someone who is giving up their free time for beer money to help us out, let’s not forget that.

To all the guys who are playing in the friendly on Sunday, could you all meet at the high school/sport centre car park at 11.45.

A wee bit wet

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  1. Hi guys glad to see everything going well who is the friendly against. Also good luck and enjoy the game.

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