Friendly match

On Sunday, a team from Arbroath Walking Football travelled down to play some of the residents at Castle Huntly in a friendly match.
Things weren’t looking good weather wise, but the cloud and rain soon shifted to leave a nice sunny day for the match. This was the first walking football match for the hosts, but it soon emerged that they were no strangers to the game of football and they also had a good home support. The old competitive edge was still there, and few early tackles showed that they meant business. This was no surprise, it’s a hard game to play when you’ve played competitively for years, you still want to get to the ball first, still want to win challenges. Our version of the game relies less on tackling and graft, it’s more about passing and trying to get into spaces without running. Tackles from the back or side are not allowed, it’s hard to get your head round it at first, but it does come after a few games.
Despite playing well, AWF lost the overall result. No excuses, but we were also missing our secret weapon … Dave (the cat) Beattie, it’s always good to have someone who actually likes being in goals.

Well done to all the guys who played and many thanks to Castle Huntly for inviting us.

Team: Dave Milne, John Gowans, John Cruickshanks, Mike Burnett, Dave Scott, Ray Parker and Willie Craib


One thought on “Friendly match

  1. Well done chaps. I’m glad it was all the good looking chaps who went down. Nothing worse than having an ugly team representing you.

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