Denis Law tournament

On Tuesday 5th June, a crack team of old duffers from AWF are heading up the North East coast to play in the Denis Law Walking Football Tournament at Aberdeen Sports Village.
This will be our first proper tournament and the lads are looking forward to it.
Many thanks to Arbroath fc for the loan of the kits, it’s very much appreciated.
For all the lads who are going, we are meeting in Morrison’s car park at 8.30. The game will be played on a 3g surface, so please bring the appropriate footwear.

7 thoughts on “Denis Law tournament

  1. Do you know what time the matches begin? I have a meeting first thing on Tuesday at Royal Aberdeen GC which looks like it is just up the road from this. If I am still around when you kick off I might just pop in and watch for a while. If not, best of luck!😀

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