400 club

Congratulations to AWFs Dave Milne on reaching a total of 400 club goals in all competitions.

In an interview with the club’s publicity officer, Darin Bell, Dave (with tear filled eyes) said “I’d like to thank all the guys at the club, particularly the ones who can’t defend for toffee. I’d also like to thank anyone who’s had to listen to me going on about my goal record in the pubs. You’re all fantastic, happy new year”.

Dave would also like to let the national team selection board know  that he’s available.


Dave Milne at Gayfield



19 thoughts on “400 club

  1. I remember a particular Sunday in the 1980s when he put “the bandage on the wrang sare knee”….A particular gentleman who shall remain nameless, watched him running oot at Ogilvy Park, and shouted “Davie I thought it was yir right knee that was knackered..?…..D.M. Then ran back into the changing room and put the bandage on the “right knee “and come back oot oh the changing room, to much shakin of heids…There’s a Blue Plaque at Ogilvey celebrating this extraordinary fact……Smokies and Whine….

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