Game on

After a long lay off due to the Covid19 restrictions, Wednesday night (28-10-20) saw the return of our usual club training night at the Condor. A lot of work (from both sides) went on in the background to make sure this happened, Ray Parker and Mike Burnett were pivotal in making sure everything was done properly. Big thanks to Ray for his persistence in continually chasing things up. Other venues were looked at for our Wednesday night sessions, unfortunately, all of these were out of town and not available on Wednesday. Thanks to all the committee for doing their part in our quest for the return of Wednesday night football. It’s still baffling that the biggest town in Angus does not have an all weather pitch.

Despite the very short notice, we had enough players interested to go ahead with the session. Checks were in place to make sure we complied with all regulations. There was a lot of pressure to get things right last night, a massive thanks to the players for their part in making sure it all went smoothly.

The session itself was a good one, there were some instances of running and slight contact, but it was to be expected. It was an added bonus that the rain and wind stayed away.


Slippery when wet

After a long pause due to the Coronavirus and our usual venue being out of bounds, 7th October saw the return of Wednesday night training for AWF.

The high school sport centre was the venue. Thanks to our two Covid officers (Ray Parker and Mike Burnett), everything was in place to comply with the regulations.

Although it was a clear and rainless evening, there was an icy breeze blowing through, this was evident in the showers later on.

A total of 16 members attended and all of them showed that they haven’t lost their appetite for the game. The game was played under floodlights and although the pitch (1st gen astro) looked good, it wasn’t long before some players were slipping on the surface. Whilst attempting to stop the ball going out of play, Big Wully Craib was the first guy to succumb, the big fella went down like a grand sequoia, thankfully he wasn’t badly injured.

Understandably, there was some running and the occasional tackle creeping in, but nothing  that deserved the wrath of referee (mike B). Overall, it was good even game.

But for all the positives, sadly, the pitch just isn’t playable.  Whilst AWF fully appreciate the staff going out of their way to make sure that we got on the pitch, we just can’t run the risk of anyone getting injured.  Other venues are currently being looked at.

It’s a bit sad that the biggest town in Angus doesn’t have a decent all weather surface for local clubs to play on.