AWF Join Arbroath Player Pathway

Arbroath Walking Football Club join the Arbroath Player Pathway!
Arbroath Walking Football Club plays a key role in providing football to players 50 years old and over. Walking Football is a slowed-down version of the beautiful game, which provides players with a fun and relaxed way to enjoy football. More information on Arbroath Walking Football Club can be found on their website: or Facebook page:
The Arbroath Player Pathway is a collaborative partnership between clubs and the Arbroath FC Community Trust designed to help football in Arbroath become more sustainable and to provide opportunities for all players who wish to play the game. Having Arbroath Walking Football Club onboard means that the Arbroath Player Pathway provides football for male and female players in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who wish to continue playing the game.
Trust Football Development Officer, Kevin Middleton said, “Arbroath Walking Football has been training at Seaton Park for a few months now and I’ve been impressed with the sessions. Training has been available for all players over 50 and each session has been really enjoyable. The love for football from members has been evident as well. The Trust looks forward to working with Arbroath Walking Football Club to grow this level of the Pathway”.
Jim McNairn, Arbroath Walking Football Club, said, “We are delighted to be joining the Arbroath Player Pathway to continue to provide for our current members and to attract new ones. Walking Football promotes cardiovascular fitness, and the positive social and health impact has been proven in many studies.
With the Arbroath FC Community Trusts’ help, we have managed to provide two sessions a week, which are always a laugh, that caters to those players who want to play in a relaxed or competitive manner. We look forward to working with the Trust and other clubs to shape the future of football in Arbroath.”
Arbroath FC Community Trust Chair, Shelley Hague said, “Walking football provides opportunities for all players over 50, regardless of ability. The Trust has a priority around inclusion and this development is a big part of that.”
SFA’s East Region Manager, Kevin Lee said, “Scottish FA have just released our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan ‘Power of Football’ where our vision is to harness the power of football to inspire the nation to transform lives and build a united and successful game. To deliver this vision we need the whole football family to work together to deliver ‘football for all’ and ‘football for life’ within their own communities. A strong and seamless player pathway from children, youth, and into the adult game is vital for attracting a new generation of players into our game and promoting player retention and lifelong participation.
The collaborative work that Arbroath FC Community Trust and Arbroath Walking Football Club are doing to unite football for the good of their community and our national game is just fantastic. These are exciting times for football in Scotland and in Arbroath, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Arbroath FCCT to grow our game.”
For more information contact or follow us on Twitter @ArbroathFCTrust
Arbroath FC Community Trust is a Scottish-based charity No. SC050531

Kevin Middleton AFCCT. Shelley Hague AFCCT. Mike Burnett AWF. Mike Caird AFC Chairman

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