Charity Cycle

Horseback UK is a charity set up to empower service personnel and veterans suffering from life-changing injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and to aid them on their road to recovery.

Local man Ian Wren is a patron of the charity and fundraiser for them.

On August 7th, 2021, two of Arbroath Walking Football’s finest, Wullie Craib and Allan (Hatchet) Harrison decided to help out the charity by taking part in the Horseback UK Tarfside Cycle Challenge.

The challenge is a 65-mile cycle ride from Hercules Den In Arbroath up to Tarfside in Glenesk and back again.

On the day, conditions were warm and windy, the two lads felt they made good time as they headed to Tarfside. However, the journey back to Arbroath was a different story. Facing a strong headwind, the lads found it a challenge and the leg cramps didn’t help them at all. A particular challenging section was the big hill at Farnell, the lads were happy to see the back of that.

Once back at Hercules Den, the struggles of the big hill were soon a distant memory when Beverly Wren served the lads with burgers and beers.

With Sponsorship looking to top around the £400 mark, the lads are very grateful to family and fellow AWF members and are very happy to help out a great charity.

You can find out more about Horseback UK by clicking  HERE

Allan And Willie all smiles

The Tuesday Sessions

Thanks to Arbroath Football Club Community Trust, we now have a Tuesday night session.

Whilst these sessions are still aimed at the over 50s (male and female), they are also open to anyone under 50 who may be recovering from injury, illness, or just looking to regain their fitness. Our Tuesday sessions are a bit more laid back with the emphasis on participant enjoyment.

A few member examples are below.

One of our regulars is Dennis (Dinker) Mostyn. Dennis recently had a quadruple bypass, he is using these sessions to keep himself fit and play the game he loves. Dinker still has a great touch, and when he’s not defending, still scores the occasional belter.

Another regular is Jordan. Jordan is in his 20s and has struggled with dodgy knees, and in turn, his fitness isn’t what it should be. He’s another player with a great touch and an eye for goal. These sessions are Jordan’s way of getting back into football.

Nikita, our Russian internationalist, is there to get his fitness and his touch back.

Come along and give it a go.

Yes! we even have a woman playing