The Tuesday Sessions

Thanks to Arbroath Football Club Community Trust, we now have a Tuesday night session.

Whilst these sessions are still aimed at the over 50s (male and female), they are also open to anyone under 50 who may be recovering from injury, illness, or just looking to regain their fitness. Our Tuesday sessions are a bit more laid back with the emphasis on participant enjoyment.

A few member examples are below.

One of our regulars is Dennis (Dinker) Mostyn. Dennis recently had a quadruple bypass, he is using these sessions to keep himself fit and play the game he loves. Dinker still has a great touch, and when he’s not defending, still scores the occasional belter.

Another regular is Jordan. Jordan is in his 20s and has struggled with dodgy knees, and in turn, his fitness isn’t what it should be. He’s another player with a great touch and an eye for goal. These sessions are Jordan’s way of getting back into football.

Nikita, our Russian internationalist, is there to get his fitness and his touch back.

Come along and give it a go.

Yes! we even have a woman playing

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